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Hello to you my friend. After so many years I am online in blogging community. From this blog I am trying to stay connected with you with more of the thoughts regarding Agile, Scrum, Laravel and almost of my life. So, stay connected. share them. support with your feedback.

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Shah Anish Professional Scrum Master

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Thank you very much @Bhavesh_Dev93 .
The support and love by community - Which is the power to me and everyone in @LaravelLiveIN @LaravelAhm.

Can't miss to tag @shailpatel & @vishal_viitor for immense support and initiatives. #laravel

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Anish Shah

Anish is certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM-I) - working as TeamLead in organisation Multidots Solutions Pvt Ltd. Extremely obsessed with Agile and specifically Scrum. Loves to speak. #meetupspeaker. PingPong player in free time.