As I shared in the last post with you all about the challenge which is going to be shared with the Dots team (Multidots team). And we have just received the email about the same from Anil G.

If I talk in reality, this challenge is not only about getting challenged by other dots at company but it is a challenge which I have given to my self for this current year 2019.

Some of them are very non-realistic looking at my yesterday’s weather. But this year lot of things changed, Focus changed, Plannings are changed. In other words I have grown up in one way.

So, back to the challenge 1st thing which I have started and going to complete by today only is udemy course about American Accent Training for IT Professionals.

The 2nd challenge which is received is to complete a book called: What Foreigners Need to Know About America from A to Z. This book is about understanding the American culture in depth. Around 500+ pages book covers not only about their own culture but detailing about how is it different than other. Will definitely post book review about the same

So yes 1st thing 1st, will complete udemy course and get back to here later on the same page.