Yippeee… Hurreyyy… New Year – so exciting. When new year starts, all get engage with preparing new year resolutions, so do I. New opportunities, new happiness, new places to explore, new people to meet, To get stronger, To get slimmer, To give, To take etc etc… We make resolutions not only for self but for family, friends, others connected. And these things are important for life – but only if they get executed. Because reality is different.

every time … each and every time we forget – we avoid – we deprioritize – we simply skip. It keep happening with me too. Lets’ skip the details about it. And can focus about now. Because this time – this year is different.

Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

My 2019 started as winner of Food Fiesta activity in our company Multidots. Between 10 teams our team was winner. You might feel this as a simple win. Simple competition, simple activity. But not for our team and specifically not for me.

Now we feel, how it feels like to be winner.

Team Firangi Bhojnalay – Food Fiesta 2018 Winner (Multidots)

Well, here it was not all about we keep loosing all the time in life. This was all about a title of “Winner”. Which was a TOTALLY NEW experience for all. Here the feeling which I am trying to express is – reaching at some top point in your path.

Now, if I talk about my self this was a totally unique experience within. Felt almost like a dream. On the way to home, speechless, a sense of something got DONE in life passing through heart and mind. And realised one learning of life.

You must do the things you think you cannot do.

Eleanor Roosevelt

And at that point I realised, the incomplete things I really wanted to do. Restart my hobbies, Restart my passion. Make remaining 16 hours more productive in doing remaining things. Will plan my resolutions and will announce them publicly. Will commit to them and will execute them successfully.

On this note, it didn’t take more time to list down the things which I am really looking forward to making it DONE. As an update, some of the following resolutions are part of the goal challenges under Read and Run challenge given by Anil & Aslam.

  • Blogging (of-course I cant miss to include this at 1st place 🙂 )
    • At least 24 Blog posts in this year.
  • Exercise
    • Workout of 200 Hours this year. (Is it easy? Not sure.)
  • Book Reading
    • 24 Books in this year (too much I believe but maybe I can start with audible later)
  • Prince2 Certification
    • This is my plan till April 2019 (tough one !)
  • Udemy course to complete about improving accents course to complete about improving accents
    • This needs to get completed till April 2019
  • Public Speaking
    • Speaking 10 times throughout the year